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"If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you"

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Every year our athletes ask us about warm weather training for Spring.  We've run a few now and reckon we know what makes a camp fun and effective.  Small numbers, sensibly priced and a very flexible schedule that allows rests, athletes to mingle and share experiences and skills, space for your own activities and the opportunity for 1-1 coaching on technique or approaches if you want it. You won't get the feel that we're a business, just processing numbers.  We only run two weeks and strive to get the 'feel' right for all

Your coaching is tailor made and specific, you'll learn about the right training zones, what to do for specific races, whether to focus on your relative strengths or weaknesses, and how to address that plus access to a wealth of advice from two of the best coaches around

Evenings are at your leisure, we generally have an 'awards' night for all out in the town, a fun evening that you're welcome to attend.  Most nights, if you;re not fast asleep by 9 pm, you can sit and eat with friends new and old, attend your personalised swim feedback session, book a 1-1 with one of our coaches if you have the energy, attend a strength or yoga class if interest demands it, ask a rules question or three, learn about how to use Training Peaks and other technology to improve your performance.  What we do together is built around you!

We're a little bit different in that we intend to involve athletes in leading some sessions, giving them confidence and opportunity to pass their knowledge down to others.  Depending on who's attending we may offer a significant discount in return for leading a couple of bike or run sessions, its really up to you, its a format we've run before and it really works well, allowing athletes to practice their new found skills. No one is left behind on run bike or swim, and we have support vehicles available to pick up any 'early retirees'!

Learn About Yourself

Pushing your comfort zone

Smart training

Your coaches and activity leaders are athletes themselves, caring, highly  knowledgeable,  enthusiastic.  They will greet, manage and provide a wide range of activities on your Mallorca camp. Coaches are fully insured and British Triathlon qualified and activity leaders are highly experienced in the sport, having performed internationally at varying levels world and European championships


Minimum age is 18. These camps are targeted at those able to swim at least 750m, cycle around 50 km in one go and run 5 km, all the way up to IM distance.  The sessions are fun, challenging instructional and accepting of everyone's abilities, they will make you faster!  You don't have to be super fit, just arrive with a smile and a 'can-do' attitude and we'll do the rest. 


The emphasis in on improving your technique...permanently, so you can carry on getting better on your return. 


We'll help you do that too.  EVERY athlete gets either a FREE training booster plan for swim, bike or run OR a Windsor, Blenheim or London Triathlon plan, using Power, Heart Rate  or Pace, courtesy of

 If you just want to go long and do your own thing of course you can do that, but isn't getting better why you're coming here in the first place?

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